Retro Candy

This native New Yorker is a performer, seamstress & designer, knitting fiend, photographer, beach bunny (strictly Coney Island in the wintertime), and Sinatra fan. For the past few years, she has worked with a group in New York City, recreating classic 1940s radio mysteries and playing gun molls, dragon ladies, sirens and shy violets (Margo Lane & Nicki Porter are two favorites). “I’ve even gotten to perform in a few episodes of Suspense!, in roles originally created by my heroine and best gal, Lucille Ball,” says Miss Canasta. “Lucy has long been an inspiration to me, onstage and off–a devastatingly beautiful redheaded vixen, who was never afraid to look silly in order to get a laugh. Helluva gal.” It takes one to know one!

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