All Your Retro Needs Are Here!

Julia has always found ways of expressing her creative nature. She became involved in the world of modeling as a makeup artist and photographer, and recently started posing in front of the camera. She is also a songwriter, musician and artist, and previously worked as a dance instructor. She still loves swing, foxtrot, tango and rhumba, but she doesn’t get to dance as often as she’d like. Julia says she has always been fascinated by the beautiful women of the silver screen and the big band era. “Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong times, but then I think about it a little better, and I realize I’m ok here. I like that now it’s considered ‘retro’,” she says. “Plus, I couldn’t live without my computer,” she adds with a laugh. Julia lives in Southern California with her husband Lance and her stepson Landon. She hopes to do more pin-up related work in the future, she says, adding, “I think it’s so charming, and it leaves so much more to the imagination.”

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