Retro Candy

Scintillating Cynthia (“Cyn for short,” she quips) has been interested in pin-up modeling for some time, but has been afraid to show her pictures. Now she has finally overcome her fear and is throwing her hat into the ring for this month’s competition. When not posing for the camera, Cynthia attends an art school in upstate New York, concentrating on Print Making, Photography, and Glass Blowing. Says Cyn, “I hope to become a travelling installation artist, as well as an illustrator for children’s books. That would be a dream come true!” In her spare time, she is a voracious reader and a sucker for David Lynch movies. She adds, “If my artist career doesn’t work out, I might just have to be a ghost hunter.” We’re not afraid: This gal is a success story waiting to happen.

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