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Pin-Up Contest Winner
Jessica – West Hollywood, CA

“Oh my gosh!!! I can’t believe I won!” exclaimed Jessica when we shared the good news. “Wow, that was the longest month EVER! Seriously, did Frenchy and I break some kind of record?” In fact, they did. The polls were on fire all through September, with more than 5500 votes logged for the month. What’s more, only 0.2% separated Jessica and the fabulous Miss Frenchy when the polls closed. Jessica had a slight edge, and with the collective vote from the Fedora Lounge added in, she took the crown. Says our winner, gleefully, “It was so exciting, neck-and-neck! It’s my first pin-up contest…It was really fun and I’m so happy to get to be your Vector Vixen!” We’re pretty much tickled pink ourselves.

Orange, CA

New Hope, PA

West Hollywood, CA

San Francisco, CA

Bedford, NH

Lawndale, CA

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