Pin-Up Contest Winner
Velma – Cologne, Germany

Our September contest came down to the wire, with a run-off between three contestants in the final days. Celebrity judge James Hampton picked Carin as his favorite pin-up, but the visitor votes combined with the selection from the members of the Fedora Lounge pushed the lovely Miss Velma Kelly over the top to take the prize. The staff of RetroRadar wishes a hearty congratulations to our first Vector Vixen! Says Velma, “I am very honored to have won this fabulous contest and to be Retro Radar’s first “Vector Vixen” for the month September. It is wonderful to have this title but I never expected to win in any way. I would like to thank the lovely Miss Nadija, the beautiful Miss Carin, the racy Miss Shannon and the classy Miss Tara for entering this contest and for sharing their great pictures with us. All the gals are amazing and true beauties in every way. They made it hard to choose and took this contest to a higher standard. All the ladies deserve to win for the great efforts they put into keeping retro culture alive. Getting the chance to be in such esteemed company makes me very happy. Also, my heart and thanks goes out to the many, many people who participated in the contest, voting for their favourite girl, showing their support and proving once more that retro culture is alive. This contest was so much fun and a great way to meet new friends. And last but not least, I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to Leslie and Craig from Retro Radar for such a wonderful contest and for creating this website as a great portal for retro lovers from all over the world.”

Cologne, Germany

Atlanta, GA

Santa Ana, CA

Mesa, AZ

San Diego, CA

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