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Pin-Up Contest Winner
Aurora – San Francisco, CA

Congratulations to our October Vector Vixen, Aurora. The contest was down to the wire until the very end, but in the final hours, the Bay Area beauty came out on top. Says Aurora, “I could not be more thrilled at winning the Vector Vixen contest! My birthday was in October, so it was like getting an extra present. My sincerest thanks to everyone who voted for me and to those at Retro Radar for letting me compete.” Aurora’s photos were originally sent in by her fiancé, Adam, who says his lovely bride to be “is a very kind and decent person…she is truly one of the few beautiful people left.” Although our October pin-up is unquestionably stunning, judging by Adam’s sweet letter, her beauty truly comes from within. Our best wishes to the happy couple for a long and joyful marriage!

San Francisco, CA

Pittsburgh, PA

Orange County, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Modesto, CA

São Paulo, Brazil

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