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Pin-Up Contest Winner
Kitten von Mew – Stratford Upon Avon, UK

The voting was neck-and-neck all month between the darling Minna and the mischevious Kitten von Mew. Although Minna edged out Kitten in the public voting, the collective vote from the members of The Fedora Lounge was enough to put our feline-inspired femme fatale over the top. (To be fair, we’ll be sending Minna a special runner-up gift box, with CDs, books, and other fun retro-inspired goodies.) Miss von Mew will undoubtedly look purrrrfectly divine in the matching cami and panties she’ll receive as part of her Bowling Bombshell prize package. We can’t wait to see what this pretty kitty comes up with next!

Studio City, CA

Kitten von Mew
Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Trenton, NJ

Seattle, WA


Shannon Lynn
Las Vegas, NV

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