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Rockin’ Daddy!
Review by Frankie Hagan

If you like rock ‘n’ roll and think the best music ever recorded came out of the Sun Record Sessions, then you’ll love Rockin’ Daddy! from Pete Hodgson & the Fireballs (Raucous Records). Proudly advertised as having been recorded on vintage equipment, when played for listeners, this album will be frequently mistaken for Jerry Lee Lewis originals.

Enjoy classic boogie woogie piano and spirited fun with tracks like “You Can’t Break the Chains of Love,” “Travellin’ Light,” or “Rockin’ Daddy.” Clear honky tonk styling backs up more thoughtful ballads like “I’ll Run a Mile to You,” “How Many?” and this reviewer’s favorite mournful pick, “That’s What I Tell My Heart.” The rockabilly roots that define this era of music are evidenced in the selection “Hey Babe.” Once more, Pete Hodgson comes pretty close to channeling the spirit of Jerry Lee Lewis in the track “How Come You Do Me.”

The recordings have excellent clarity–don’t let the vintage equipment blurb scare you on that fact. Much like the Killer himself, Pete is a one man engine of entertainment. The selections accomplish exactly what they strive for. Listening to this album, you can almost see the rinky dink piano and smell the sawdust on the floor. And that’s what real rock ‘n’ roll is all about.

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