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Moonlight Girls
Review by Craig “Big-T” Thompson

Dead on perfect. That’s the only way to describe the self-titled debut CD from the Moonlight Girls, a trio of Canadian songbirds who can swing a melody in ways not heard since World War II.

The Moonlight Girls have recreated the sounds of the Andrews Sisters with great mastery, style and sass. I will admit that when I heard the first chords on the opening track of their new release, I was highly skeptical about another group of big band era wannabes. To my surprise, I found myself sitting with my car in park having to just hear one more song, until I had reached the hidden a cappella version of “Blue Moon” at the end of the disc. The three beauties from the Great White North had swept me off my feet and back in time. These girls make me want to be a G.I.

Their flawless renditions of Golden Era favorites, like “Tico Tico” and “In the Mood,” evoke images of European aircraft hangers during World War II, while the lilting French of “For Me, For Me Formidable” and “Je Suis Swing” adds a cosmopolitan kick to the song selection. Great tempo segues make this a must have for your next dance.

If the Moonlight Girls are as authentic live as they are recorded, then Hollywood has the winning team for a cinematic version of The Life and Times of the Andrews Sisters. Now that their voices are ready, finding songwriters that can write ’em the way they used to will be the critical step for the Moonlight Girls’ long-term success.

Singer and bandleader Craig “Big T” Thompson of Dallas-based Big T & the Bada-Bings combines the soul of B.B. King with the swagger of Tony Soprano and the vocal chops of Ol’ Blue Eyes. When he’s not performing on stage, he’s working behind the scenes at

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