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The King Reigns Supreme with New Deluxe Editions
By Will “The Thrill” Viharo

“When I read a comic book, I was the hero of that comic book…”
-Elvis Presley, 1970

Spider-Man, Batman and Wonder Woman are all answering the heroic call to DVD duty this Summer, as reviewed elsewhere on Although he wasn’t a comic book superhero, when Elvis showed up on the small screen in skintight black leather or a white, sequined jumpsuit, he might as well have been. The recently released ELVIS PRESLEY: ’68 COMEBACK SPECIAL and ELVIS: ALOHA FROM HAWAII Deluxe Editions (BMG) are major treasure troves for all the King’s men and women to plunder with pleasure for hours. Continue Reading »

Viewers Head Back to the Farm with their Television Faves
By Will “The Thrill” Viharo
TV or not TV? That is the question. These are just some of the answers, thanks to the magical self-programming convenience of DVD. Box sets of vintage and even newer television shows are all the rage nowadays, but for RetroRadar readers, with “Friends” like those, who needs ’em? Return with us now to a time on the tube when Jennifer Anniston was just a twinkle in her Brad’s eye:
Collecting one my all all-time favorites into two double-sided discs, the 21 episodes that comprise THE BEST OF MISTER ED, VOLUME ONE (MGM) include “The First Meeting” between likable Wilbur (Alan Young) and the famous talking horse (voiced by veteran cowboy star Allan “Rocky” Lane) and several choice episodes, like “The Horsetronaut” and “Ed, the Beachcomber.” You’ll also find several obligatory guest celebrity highlights, including “George Burns Meets Mister Ed,” “Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed” (when young, pre-Leone Clint was best known as the star of Rawhide!) and “Zsa Zsa.”  Continue Reading »

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