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Keely Smith, a musical sensation since the Rat Pack era, is still going strong. Dovetailing with her latest album, a tribute to her late husband and musical partner Louis Prima, Smith is heading out on tour with the U.K.’s top swing combo, the Jive Aces, bringing classic Vegas swing to generations of music lovers! Continue Reading »

Everyone should have one great holiday CD with songs you can listen to over and over again at Christmas each year.

Sleigh Me, the first compilation CD from ATOMIC Magazine, is just such an album, filled with musical delights from some of today’s hottest swing and big band artists Continue Reading »

Legendary jazz guitarist Joe Beck, one of the instrument’s great contemporary practitioners, died last week of lung cancer at a hospice in Danbury, CT, a few days before his 63rd birthday.

Throughout his career, Beck, who recorded frequently for the New Bedford-based WCS label, worked with some of the very biggest names in jazz and pop. In a career that spanned five decades, Beck accompanied an extraordinary range of giants: Duke Ellington and Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Paul Desmond, Stan Getz, and Brazilian genius Antonio Carlos Jobim. Continue Reading »

Get ready to cut a rug, cats and kittens, because we’ve got some swanky sounds coming your way.

Our industrious intern is in the process of re-uploading four years’ worth of music reviews into our newly renovated Website. And, of course, we’ll be adding new tunes, soon.

What’s in store? From Rockabilly to Big Band, and from Exotica to the Blues, we’ve got the whole retro spectrum covered!

  • So, stay tuned, and we’ll be rockin’ your socks off in no time!

Life is a Game
Review by Doug Boynton

The Jive Aces can play. And play they do, both figuratively and literally. Based out of the U.K., they’ll perform more than 300 gigs this year, across several countries. Their musical talents and passion for up-tempo swing are delightfully evident on their latest release, Life Is a Game (Right Recordings). With just a couple of exceptions, the disc jumps from beginning to end. Continue Reading »

Brothers in Jive
Review by Joanne Bennett

Cheese comes in all varieties, from the flavorless yet squeezably convenient Velveeta® to the delicate Camembert or the pungent and robust Gorgonzola. The same holds true for swing. Some varieties are barely palatable in terms of musicality, yet their kitsch appeal satisfies a certain craving. Others offer a complex assortment of notes and arrangements to be savored. By this reckoning, the Vienna-based combo Five in Love are the masters of cheese, crafting tunes that appeal to a variety of tastes. Continue Reading »

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