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This 23-year-old Canadian cutie is a make-up artist and musician who sings for two local rockabilly groups. A fan of art and pop culture from the ’50s, classic pinups, old movies, and old cars, Samantha decided to express her passion for the past by doing a little pinup modeling herself. Without a doubt, she’s a born natural!

A barber’s apprentice and part-time barrista, this aspiring pinup model is also a full-time mom to her little boy, Nolan. “I think my love affair with nostalgia started because of my Dad,” Katherine recalls. “My two brothers were more interested with surfing, and didn’t want to go to the drag races or the car shows with Pops, so it was up to me.” She sure does rev our engines!

When she’s not breaking hearts, this Christmas vixen is busy mending them–as a writer covering love, sex and relationships for online and print publications. “The best part of the job? The ‘under-the-covers’ research, of course!” she says, jokingly. “Otherwise, I’m just your average farmer’s daughter, born and raised on six-hundred acres in rural Pennsylvania.” She admits that her inner bombshell was just waiting to wriggle out of her overalls from the moment her grandmother first painted Laura’s toenails fire-engine red and tucked a lace handkerchief into her little purse. We’re grateful to grandma, and sure hope Santa delivers a package like this under our Christmas tree!

This 29-year-old California girl is a stay-at-home mom to three little tykes and has been happily married for ten years. She expresses her creative spirit by sewing and painting, and most recently, pinup modeling. “My husband and I love the classic pinup look, and he wanted to take a picture of me looking like that. I finally gave in,” she admits, modestly. “We set up a little ‘set’ in our room with an old sheet, our digital camera and some lights from the garage…I did my hair and makeup and put on a dress.” We sure think the finished product turned out swell!

25-year-old Briana has only recently begun pinup modeling and says she hopes to do more. “I was a print model a few years back. I was on the cover of Autosound…in a few ads for jeans, and in a calendar,” she explains. Briana eventually took some time off to get married and have a baby, but now, she’s back in front of the lens. (She later dumped the husband, so fellas, get in line!)

Born and bred in Los Angeles, CA, darling Donna has stayed put in the City of Angels, where she takes part in all the cheezy tourism she can handle. When not snapping photos along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame or asking Tinseltown celebs for their autograph, Donna can be seen in front of the camera–her acting career includes appearances in films and TV shows such as “Constantine”, “Charlie’s Angels II”, “Be Cool”, “8MM”, “Las Vegas”, “ER”, “Scrubs”, “Charmed”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and “Alias”. This raven-haired retro pinup proves she also has heart by working with numerous charities, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She’s captured our hearts, too!

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