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This 24-year-old fun-loving artistic girl is a bartender by day, and aspiring pinup model by night. (Or maybe it’s the other way around…) “I was just charmed by the innocent sexiness of the ’40s and ’50s pinups,” says Danni. “They were some of the most beautiful women that I’d ever seen, without really showing anthing.” In addition to posing for the camera, this California cutie loves to draw, sing, dance, and make costumes. Adds the delicious Danni, “I also love to model ice cream, and anything shiny.” Anyone care for a scoop, fellas?


This 27-year-old aspiring performer and pinup model counts two classic blonde bombshells among her idols: “May West for her insatiable appetite for men and Marilyn Monroe for her classic, sex-kitten beauty with a touch of innocence,” explains Kimberly. “I try to portray a combination of both women and add my own personality in my pictures and on stage,” she says. When not posing for the camera or shimmying her way through a steamy dance routine, Kimberly enjoys horror flicks and consuming men. We love a woman with a healthy appetite!


Originally from New Jersey, this 23-year-old bombshell was actually raised in South Florida. Janet is not only new to pinup modeling, but is also working on starting a rockabilly band. “Growing up with a mother that was completely in love with anything from the 1940s and ’50s has taught me to walk in mommy’s footsteps,” says Janet. “She taught me how to sew, which got me to get into fashion design. I guess I’m kinda a momma’s girl, but don’t let that fool you. I’m a tough broad if need be.” Watch out, fellas, this little dame’s a firecracker!


Since she was a little girl, 29-year-old Lady Di has loved the historic past, including the Medieval, Victorian, and mid-20th Century time periods. Says Diana, “As a younger girl, I traveled to many historic smaller towns here in Ontario, where I visited many antique and vintage shops. I was always amazed with the stories that came along with the historic pieces and adored viewing various old pin-up postcards and memorabilia.” She also enjoys classic films featuring such iconic bombshells as Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe. “I was enamored watching these vixens and from that moment on, I knew I’d always strive to be a classy dame.” She feeds her passion for the past with stockings, high heels, corsets, elegant jewelry, and red lipstick. This sizzling pinup import is all girl through and through!

Pin-Up Contest Winner
Briana – Yorba Linda, CA

Congratulations to 25-year-old Briana (better known as Bee to her friends), who ended the year on a high note as she took the title of December 2005 Vector Vixen. A former dancer, hairdresser, secretary and model, Briana only recently started doing pinup pictures–but boy, is she a natural! Says our winning Vixen, “I love everything retro, vintage, and classic pin-up. I love how the sexuality plays on the innocence and everything is so beautiful and soft. The girls on Retro Radar are always so different and unique, never cut from the same mold, which is what makes us all so classic. The retro style today is amazing because it has so much class, the colors are always so vivid, and it makes any girl feel pretty.” Color or black-and-white, this pinup is pretty gorgeous in any era!

Burbank, CA

Yorba Linda, CA

Ridgecrest, CA

State College, PA

Orange County, CA

Edmonton, Canada

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Pin-Up Contest Winner
Lisa – United Kingdom

Congratulations to Lisa for taking the title in our November ’05 Vector Vixen pinup contest! The voting was neck-and-neck between Lisa, Geraldine and Monique for the last part of the month, but in the end, this red-headed English rose captured the crown. It’s a very merry Christmas in the U.K. indeed!

Angie Rae



Los Angeles

Baldwin Park, CA

United Kingdom

Want to see more lovely pin-up beauties?
Click the photo below to view last month’s contest!

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