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Slippers Guaranteed to Attract a Prince
By Jody McNarland

Picture it: Hollywood 1950. You’re lounging in your penthouse flat waiting for your gentleman caller. You’re wearing the most delicious peignoir set, filmy, flowing and feminine. There’s a knock at the door and you pad barefoot across the carpet.

Wait a minute, that’s not right. Look down, what’s wrong with this picture? Your feet, love. They look so…naked.

You need mules. Marabou mules to be precise. Those princess-like vintage slippers with the delicate tuft of feathers highlighting a perfect pedicure. Continue Reading »

Toronto’s Decoder Ring Theatre
Swings Dramatically into Podcasts

By James Stewart

Remember when tough heroes of yesteryear meted out their own brand of justice in the streets?

Heroes like the masked Red Panda (“that scourge of the underworld, hunter of those who prey upon the innocent, that marvelous masked mystery man”) and his partner Flying Squirrel, who in the 1930s patrolled the streets of Toronto with unbreakable will–not to mention static shoes, miniature wireless transmitters, and gas grenades–taking on the city’s toughest gangs. Continue Reading »

Retro Pinup Model Finds Her Niche 
With Classic Cheesecake
By Bridget Hall

Pin-up queen Bernie Dexter captures the classic style of the 1940s-50s.
Pin-up queen Bernie Dexter captures the classic style of the 1940s-50s.
Think of a California beach bunny, and you’ll likely imagine a blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie. But few girls capture that all-American sparkle and charm like San Diego native Bernie Dexter, a modern-day model with an ever-growing following among vintage pinup fanatics.

Bernie’s modeling work evokes the timeless poses of pinups from the post-WWII era heyday. “I have always loved the ’40s and ’50s pinups,” she admits. “During the war, it was a fact that women really worked at being appealing to men; they always had their lipstick, nails and hair done. It was a reminder for the military men [what] they were fighting for and inspiration to get home.”

“I am a rockabilly girl who lives the rockabilly lifestyle,” says pinup model Bernie Dexter. She adds, “I just love anything ’40s and ’50s. Vintage lingerie is my poison. I spend my extra time sifting through thrift stores and vintage shops for that next cute pinup outfit.” Continue Reading »

The Spectacular Spider-Fan
By Tony Adams, Contributing Writer

The radical social and political changes of the 1960s are a familiar part of America’s historical landscape. Some of us lived through the era while others of us have studied it. Fundamental shifts were taking place in society: Trust turned to suspicion, homes were divided, and once well-known heroes became anachronisms. Something needed to change. People were looking for a new way of seeing things, a new sense of self and a new set of heroes. John Lennon. Martin Luther King, Jr. Spider-man.

It may seem blasphemous to include Spider-man in that list, but look at it this way: by the time of his creation, superheroes (whether real or imaginary) were in decline. Continue Reading »

Swinging Behind the Scenes of The Notebook
By Frankie Hagan, Special Contributor

It’s lunchtime and I’m sitting in a tent at a plastic table next to a choreographer and facing a publicist. We’re flanked on all sides by dancers and scene extras, and hurriedly wolfing down excellent food from disposable plates. The publicist looks quintessentially Hollywood. His name is Peter J. Silbermann, and he’s well dressed with a very neatly kept ponytail. The young choreographer, Chad Stall, is dressed in warm clothing and looking extremely enthusiastic. I know he’s very good, because I came up with him in the dance business. Continue Reading »

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