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Craig and Leslie Thompson, creators of RetroRadar and notorious lovebirds.
Craig and Leslie Thompson, creators of RetroRadar and notorious lovebirds. is the brainchild of Craig and Leslie Thompson, two long-time fans of retro culture livin’ in Dallas, Texas. In fact, it was their mutual love of mid-20th century music and style that first brought these crazy kids together.

In 1999, Leslie launched a national quarterly devoted to the revival of retro style called ATOMIC Magazine, which she headed as Editor and Co-publisher for more than four years. In early 2003, Craig sent in the debut CD from his 19-piece big band, Big T and the Bada-Bings, in hopes of garnering a review. After several abrupt phone calls and months of miscommunication, the two eventually became friends and corresponded often. Then one day, Craig went to the ATOMIC Website and saw the Editor’s photo for the first time. The phone rang again in New York. “We’re going to get married,” Craig announced. “I don’t know how I know, but I know that I know. It’s a done deal.” Leslie thought he was nuts. “How do you know?” she asked, skeptically, completely disregarding his explanation. Craig replied, “All I ask is that you trust me until I give you even one reason not to.”

They finally met face-to-face in July 2003, and Leslie relocated to Dallas six weeks later. The couple married on June 1, 2004, and promptly began brainstorming plans for a site that reflected their shared passion for vintage Americana. After weeks of creative banter and countless hours of coding, was born.