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At, we celebrate a time when virtues were golden and people were the priority. A time when families gathered around the dinner table to talk about their day, when a car was a work of quality craftsmanship, and a trip to the cinema was like an escape to a fantasyland of infinite possibility. But this is no history lesson–it’s the best of what was that still is today. is an information clearinghouse for anyone enamored of mid-20th century pop culture, including hot rodders, lindy hoppers, classic film lovers, Art Deco aficionados, WWII re-enactors, vintage clothing collectors, and other retrophiles. Our goal is two-fold: To pay homage to the innovation and achievements of America’s golden era from the 1920s to the 1960s, and to keep alive the courtesy, class and timeless style of this period. We venerate movies that pull at the heartstrings, music that makes you want to dance, and clothing that flatters rather than flaunts. Our radar screen filters out the noise that surrounds us and allows visitors to zero in on the resources they’re seeking in the world of vintage Americana. If it’s hip, we’ve got the blip.

We encourage you to explore the resources we make available online and connect with likeminded retro enthusiasts. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Just drop us a line at comments [at] retroradar [dotcom] and let us know whether you enjoyed your visit.

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Are you a dyed-in-the-wool retrophile with a flair for the written word? Whether you’re interested in mid-20th century design, classic movies, vintage fashions, or anything else in the retro realm, we’d love to hear from you. RetroRadar is looking for writers and reviewers to contribute to our newly re-launched and rapidly expanding website. Our intention is to create an online compendium of all that is retro cool. (And by retro, we mean 1930s-1960s. None of this ’70s hippie schtick or ’80s Flashdance flashbacks.) Tell us what you want to see, or better yet, write something yourself. We’re not looking for amateurs, mind you, and there’s also no pay. But if you have a certain literary gift and you love to write for the sheer joy of it, then drop us a line. Send story ideas or submissions to leslie [at] retroradar [dotcom].