Retro Candy

I’m certainly not the first pundit to note the striking similarity between modern day cinema vixen Angelina Jolie and the beautiful Sophia Loren, classic star of the silver screen. But, the uncanny resemblance between the two celluloid goddesses is even more apparent on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair, hitting newsstands this week. Jolie’s naturally chiseled cheekbones and pillow-plush lips are glamorously enhanced by classic matte makeup remniscent of the 1950s pin-up style. The good news is, you can recreate this look at home, and enhance your own natural beauty with fabulous retro flair. All it takes is the right tools and a little patience. Here, our YouTube tutor kuuipo1207 shares her trade secrets to recreate a fabulous Fifties pin-up style that will have you looking like a classic Hollywood star!


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